Eyes For Kids was established in 1992 by Carter Shrum and Aimee Ecrement-Reasoner. It is a specialty optical shop for infants, toddlers, children, and teens who need glasses. We are here to provide each individual with a durable, custom fit frame, as well as the highest quality lenses in their precise prescription. Our customer service is second to none. 

We warranty our frame and lenses, and encourage parents to purchase quality frames that last. We want your child's experience getting glasses to be a positive one! We enjoy working with children, and have a very fun, colorful office to make the children feel at home. It is a rewarding experience for us, and we love watching our customers grow up!
Rebecca, Hannah, & Aimee at Essilor's Day At The Races

Our Staff

Aimee has been working in the field for 29 years. She is married, and has two children.   

Thomas, age 16, and Emma, age 11, have grown up at Eyes For Kids. 

Rebecca worked at Eyes For Kids for 8 years.     

She is married, and loves to cook. You can visit her blog at Dine & Devour.

Hannah worked at Eyes For Kids for 5 years. 

She is an aspiring actress.

Loxie has been the bookkeeper for Eyes For Kids for 18 years. 

She loves cats, movies, and books.